The world has changed. We all need to use digital tools effectively to survive.

You know your team could be working more efficiently, you know you need to use digital more effectively but are unsure of where to start or what to do.

You already have a website or a collection of digital tools, but you know they could work harder for you. You need to leverage technology to better enable your team to meet your business goals.

But where do you start?

This is where I can help.

I have over 18 years’ experience in defining, planning and delivering digital change for organisations including Adidas, BBC Children in Need, Jaguar Land Rover, Mars, BAE, and

Working as part of your team I help clarify what you need to do and define how you can use digital tools to get there. I will then help you and your team deliver this change and measure its outcomes.

This technology could be big or small, expensive or free, the key is that you are taking prioritised steps, showing value and driving forward towards your business goals.

I will enable you to be confident in your strategic direction and boost your team without the cost of a full-time director-level member of staff.

What do I do?

Digital Advisor

I work as an extension of your team offering external insight.

I work with your senior team to form digital strategies, identify pain points, scope ideas, and train staff without the cost of a full-time director-level member of staff.

Service Design & Operations

I identify areas of your business or service that can be optimised, improved or re-imagined.

I then work with your team to make sure you have the processes and policies in place for the modern workplace.

This drives performance, align teams, reduces risk and removes pain points for your company, customers and team.


Be your in house delivery director. Working with your existing team, building teams from scratch or briefing agencies so you get what you want.

I manage the delivery to allow you to focus on your day job. I make sure things happen when you want and deliver the outcomes you need. 

Get Started

To understand how I could help you, contact me on 0777 966 3945 or email jack{at}